The Height of Impudence

Michael Curry
Connecticut, United States
University of Connecticut - Storrs CT (1985 - 1990)
Interests: (88)
adult swim, alton brown, amber diceless, astronomy, atheism, babylon 5, books, boondocks, bruce campbell, bruce sterling, buffy, caitlin r. kiernan, call of cthulhu, celtic music, china mieville, civil liberties, contemporary fantasy, cooking shows, cryptography, cthulhu, cthulhu mythos, cyberpunk, david lynch, dresden dolls, ecto, ectophiles, extrasolar planets, fantasy, firefly, forensics, free speech, futurama, game design, gaming, gming, good eats, h.p. lovecraft, happy rhodes, house concerts, indie games, irish flute, iron chef, irtrad, joss whedon, kate bush, loreena mckennitt, lunasa, mojo jojo, monty python, mst3k, music, neal stephenson, neil gaiman, noir, online comics, over the edge, pirates, politics, publishing, publishing industry, roger zelazny, role-playing games, roleplaying games, rpgs, schadenfreude, science fiction, science fiction/fantasy, scotch, secularism, sf, sf/fantasy, sff, slipstream, sluggy freelance, smoe, socialism, space travel, susan mckeown, terry pratchett, the invisibles, the tick, tin whistle, tolkein, tori amos, veda hille, vienna teng, warren ellis, william gibson
I'm an Assistant Agent at Donald Maass Literary Agency.

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